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Geoff Jones

Accelerate Tuition was set up by Geoff Jones, to provide Maths Tuition to small groups or on a one to one basis. Tutoring is done from a bespoke Tutor room built in a studio at the end of my garden very close to R.A.Butler Primary School. 

Accelerate Tuition now focuses on tutoring Maths at GCSE and A level, including Further Maths only.

I believe that providing tuition to small groups in a tutor room environment offers the following advantages over one to one tuition at your own home:

  • students prefer to learn independently of parents and this is often easiest done away from the home;
  • progress is highest when there is a combination of group and individual work;
  • it can be less intimating for students if they come with a friend;
  • it is less intrusive than a tutor visiting your home;.

Tutor Room

Tutor Room

The key aspects of the tution offered include:

  • Pride and time taken over notes using lots of colour
  • Preparation of revision flash cards
  • Weekly homework
  • Weekly assesments
  • Regular maths vocabulary tests
  • Focus on developing problem solving skils

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