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AS and A level

A Level

A level students are tutored either weekly or biweekly during school terms either in small groups of 2 or 3 students or on one to one basis. Additional sessions can be arranged during school holidays which is especially useful as exam approach.  Tuition is normally scheduled during the school day when students have free periods with tutoring either face to face or online.

Those students studying Futher Maths A level can be fully supported too.

The sessions are targeted to support the students get to grips with the step up in demands of A Level from GCSE. Topics are taught to ensure they have a deeper understanding of each topic and so they can see links to other areas of mathematics. 

Futher Maths A Level

Key features of the tuition are:

  • face to face or online tuition;
  • online whiteboard for all sessions so students can refer to whiteboars from home;
  • homework set and marked every week;
  • students can seek help at anytime outside of sessions;
  • topics are taught so that students understand underlying concepts rather than follow a set of rules. The essence of learning is understanding.

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