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Tutor Room

GCSE students are tutored weekly during school terms either in small groups of 2 or 3 students or on one to one basis. Additional sessions can be arranged during school holidays which is especially useful as exam approach. Tuition is normally scheduled after the school day between 3.45pm and 8pm with tutoring either face to face in the tutor room or online.

The sessions are targeted based on student strengths and weaknesses. Students are provided with an exercise book so they keep their work together and a flashcard booklet which is used to help with exam revision. The tutor room has a projector and has all the equipment they will need in case students forget to bring anything with them.

GCSE equipment

Key features of the tuition are:

  • face to face or online tuition;
  • mini weekly assessments to assess learning;
  • homework set and marked every week;
  • regular production of flashcards for revision;
  • use on mini whiteboards to practice new skills;
  • use of a complete database of past GCSE exam paper questions to practice problem solving skills;
  • topics are taught so that students understand underlying concepts rather than follow a set of rules. The essence of learning is understanding.

GCSE equipment

Finally, I am developing a set of online GCSE flashcards and videos which students can access via the website using the GCSE Revision checklist. You can view the Accelerate Tuition You tube channel here.

The best way to contact me is to click and complete the short contact me form.

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